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star_fleet_ooc's Journal

Star Fleet OOC
Posting Access:
All Members
Star Trek Sandbox Role Playing OOC
Players must join both:
star_fleet_rpg RP Comm
star_fleet_ooc OOC Comm

Star Trek RPers may create a group and RP in any setting or series in the Star Trek Universe. Although the characters are based on Canon, variations are expected either through RP or experiences they have had. Crossovers, crack and other insanty are also welcome at Star Fleet.

For instance:
The Mirror Cracked starts with Mirror Mirror from TOS. In this RP Mirror Kirk might_be_ceasar doubts Mirror Spock's isscmdrspock loyalty after his return to the Mirror Universe.

Tribbles and More Tribbles starts with Trials and Tribulations from DSP. Julian Bashir decides to find out if he can be his own great grandfather.

Apply for a Group

There will be NO posts or RP threads involving Rape/Sexual Assault/Molestation of a Minor PERIOD. If your character experienced something like that in their past, please link to an entry in the character’s LJ. Do not post it here.

We prefer that all characters have their own LJ.

The Rules:

1 – You must request for your Group to be added to the list. You will receive tags that must be used on every post on the IC and OOC comm. Do not make the mods tag for you. Once in awhile is fine, but not all the time, please.

2 – We prefer experienced LJ users. We don't want to have to teach you how to use LJ. But if you're really good, and we know you from somewhere else. We'll probably bend over backward to help you out.

3 – Once your Group is admitted into the game, it is up to your cast to write their story. The mods and other players are not here to keep you entertained. If you cannot commit to the game, do not request to join.

4 – The mods will approve all groups and characters. You will apply on star_fleet_ooc, and only then will you receive posting access to the RP comm.

5 – Crossovers are allowed, and you are also allowed to play at the future or past. We all know how much Trekkies love time travel.

6 – Keep your personal Drama off the comm.

7 – The rules are subject to change.

How We Play –

1 – The OOC Comm: Each IC post on LJ Comm has a post on the OOC where other players may comment or ask questions. These samples are from heroesreduxrpg, which is a Heroes (and other fandoms) game that we've had running a few years. Hopefully the Star Fleet sandbox will last just as long.

RP Post - Sample

OOC Post - Sample

2 – Tags: You must tag all your entries with your character tag plus at least one of the following:

(active), (adult content), (violent), (fanfic), (finished), (flashback)

Nothing pisses off the mods more than to have to clean up Tags on your entries. Once in awhile is normal, but we do not want to do it constantly. Yes, I already said this, but it really does annoy me.

3 – NPCs: You are responsible for RPing the NPCs in your own Groups.

4 – Fanfic: Please feel free to write solo stories for your character. If you post them on the IC comm they become canon for your character.

5 – Meta and silliness: Feel free to post fun stuff on the OOC. You may also pimp other communities there, and post non-canon changing fic there.